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About Our Firearms Training Facility

Elite Arms Training, LLC is a shooting school located in south Mississippi offering firearms training classes ranging from basic pistol safety and use all the way up to Mississippi concealed carry classes. We are 30 minutes north of Gulfport and 40 minutes south of Hattiesburg. The range was established in 2005 and is located within 124 acres of planted pine and includes a 200 yard rifle range and a 70 yard multi-use range. We have turning targets, moving targets, steel poppers, plates, and the usual static targets. The classroom is a very comfortable 600 square foot, air-conditioned building with a bathroom and small kitchen.

Jack Ragsdale and his wife, Judy, are both retired police sergeants from Tampa, Florida, founded the facility and bring the knowledge of their police careers to the firing range. They taught firearms training to Tampa's 1000-member police department for 20 years. Jack also taught street survival courses and is credited with implementing the use of "Simulations" into his department's firearms training program. It was the Ragsdales' love of firearms competition and desire to continue teaching that led them to create Elite Arms Training.

While there are many qualified shooting schools across the country, the Ragsdales have used their experiences to make Elite Arms Training significantly different from the rest. The school aims to attract individuals who own firearms for personal and work-place protection and seek the certification and skills to safely deploy their firearms, if necessary. That is why they offer extensive and very successful concealed carry courses with full permit endorsement. They knew from their own personal participation in firearms schools, that most individuals do not learn best in a large group atmosphere where how many rounds you fired can become more important than what you learn. The Ragsdales designed Elite Arms Training for those who desire individualized attention in a mastery-oriented environment.

At Elite Arms Training, classes are deliberately kept small, no more than six students per class, to keep the instructor-student ratio at a highly productive level and to increase the time participants spend actively engaged in hands-on drills.

The school's primary goal is to ensure that all participants receive the training to confidently and responsibly utilize their right to lawfully possess a firearm. However, Elite Arms Training also strives to encourage a competitive or sportsmanship desire in all its students. To this end, instruction at the school is carefully tailored to exceed the expectations of its students, both novice and experienced.



Elite Arms Training, LLC

34A O.T. Davis Rd. Lumberton, MS 39455
Phone: 601-528-2410

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