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Instructor Credentials

This is Jack Ragsdale - Your instructor.

He retired from the Tampa Police Department in 2005 after 25 years of service. He was a lead firearms trainer for over 20 years. He taught basic marksmanship, home and business awareness, survival tactics, competition shooting, and advanced techniques, in addition to designing and implementing a train-the-trainer program. He is a nationally respected competitor in several disciplines - Police Pistol, Bullseye, USPSA/IPSC, Action Pistol, and Tactical Police 3-gun. He is a nationally renowned shooter and competitor, and an expert firearms trainer.

As his student, you will, immediately notice that he is enthusiastic and dynamic in his approach to firearms training. He brings to the classroom the passion he feels as a competitor, the flexibility he has practiced as a police officer, the knowledge he has acquired through experience, and the professionalism that he demands. He wants his students to experience the same level of enjoyment and personal confidence that he has, and these qualities can only come from exemplary training and extensive practice.

He is a life member of and certified instructor with the NRA. He has earned a bachelor's degree from the University of South Florida, where he also competed in the student firearms program. He has been certified through the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission. He has won the National Police Pistol Competition's Grand Aggregate Award in 1994, and he has scored in the top 10 each year since. He is honored to have earned eight different distinguished badges in pistol competitions.

Since his retirement from active police work, he has chosen to devote his time and effort to his passion - firearms training and competition. He designed and developed a modern facility for those who want to learn to shoot, and he is resolved to teach both novices and experienced competitors the skills and techniques he practices.

His goal is to develop students who are safe, motivated, and disciplined problem-solvers. He teaches confidence - with an emphasis on professional ethics.

The Gunny-R. Lee Ermey & Jack



Meet Judy Ragsdale - Director 

As the Director of Elite Arms Training, she handles most of the administrative duties associated with a firearm’s training facility. Having spent many years researching and studying issues related to shooting schools, she is uniquely qualified to direct the center.

Her role at Elite Arms Training includes planning lessons and presentations for the facility and serving as an instructor. Twenty-three years as a law enforcement officer and sergeant for the Tampa Police Department, both in uniform and undercover, have given her a strong background in education and training. She was a member of Tampa’s Special Tactics Squad and spent 15 years as a trainer for the department. She is a certified NRA firearms instructor.  Her years as both a police officer and as a trainer of police officers have provided her with a wealth of experience to share with those they train at Elite Arms Training. 

In addition to her experience as a police officer and trainer, 15 years of competitive shooting have honed her skills as a firearms instructor. She has competed in Practical Police Competition, Tactical Police Competition, Action Pistol, and IPSC. She is a nationally ranked PPC shooter and has won the High Woman Award in many state and regional matches across the country. Additionally, she has earned two NRA distinguished badges in Police Combat. She believes that competition is one of the best sources of training for stress-level shooting. There is no finer measure of a person’s skills than when competing against a peer.  

Finally, she graduated with honors from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a Bachelor of Science degree. She is a life member of the NRA and an active member of the National Shooting Sports Foundation. All of these experiences have led her here to Elite Arms Training. Her role as student, police officer, teacher, and competitive shooter has taught her to respect and encourage those who want to learn to use firearms to protect themselves and their families.  Now, as the Director of Elite Arms Training, she can provide the learning environment and training for that important responsibility. She is confident that they can meet your training needs.


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