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Our firearms training classes are available to anyone and we regularly host trainees from Louisiana and Alabama at our Mississippi firing range. Our instructors are all highly experienced in firearms use and training and we take pride in creating an environment focused on ensuring student accomplishment. Our classes are kept deliberately small to allow you to receive the personal attention from the instructor that you need to excel. Below are testimonials from just a few people that have earned their firearms certifications with us. Feel free to read them or contact us for more information about classes, firearms safety, or the Mississippi concealed carry permit endorsement.



I had the good fortune of learning about Elite Arms Training from a professional colleague, who also happens to be a competitive shooter. He recommended Jack and Judy Ragsdale as not only experts in tactical pistol defense, but as two individuals who have the unique ability to meld the physical, intellectual, and emotional components of using a firearm for personal defense. Suffice to say that my friend's recommendation was spot on. If you want to really learn about the when, why and how to use a firearm, then you would be best served by contacting Jack and Judy at Elite Arms Training.

Robert Bonnoffons

Attorney At Law

New Orleans, LA



I want to thank you for the EXCELLENT training you provided yesterday. I have taken 3 prior courses elsewhere and can truly say that you folks provided the most thorough, individually focused training I have ever had in firearms training.  It was clear to me that both of you take considerable pride and time in coaching each student in becoming more proficient and accomplished users of firearms. What I found most refreshing was that it was clear that you both are more coaches, rather than teachers. There is a great difference between teaching and coaching. Teachers explain the mechanics. Coaches assist, encourage, support and critique ways to make the experience significantly better for the student.  That is what I experienced at Elite Arms Training.It is clear that you take pride in your training and your excellent, well-maintained facility.  It was clear that the facility could easily accommodate many more students, yet you choose to keep the classes small in order to provide close attention to each participant.  It was also clear to me that while many courses are "schools" where they move students through, Elite Arms Training is exactly what the name says.  It is elite and provides an elite level of training.If my life ever depends on the training I received, I would want that training to be from Elite Arms Training. Please accept my thanks for the time and effort you spent working with our class. 

Thomas Schwartzmann

Hammond, LA



I wanted to thank you for the excellent training last week. It was a bonus for a first time rifleman like me to be the only client in class and received extra attention. You two treated me like a VIP the whole day!  As a retired USAF Pilot and civilian Flight Instructor at one of the largest simulator training groups in the world, I know quality training when I see it and receive it.  You are highly organized with your training, using a building block approach starting with the simple and progressing to the more complex.  That was the way I have been trained before and it was not only excellent training, but lots of fun too.  You and Judy are a great team and complement each other well.  It was a bonus that Judy is left handed and gave me some great pointers on doing things "backwards". This was the best non-aviation training I have ever received. Thank you again for your time and I will see you for more training!

Rob Rankin

USAF Pilot (Retired)

Hattiesburg, MS



This is some of the finest training I’ve ever had.  Maximum class-size is limited to six students so you’re going to get intense one-on-one instruction throughout the day.  Jack and Judy Ragsdale are the real-deal.  They are both retired police officers and both have competed on the National level in various shooting competitions. 

Your skill-level doesn’t matter.  If you are a beginner and want to learn how to shoot, Elite Arms Training has a program for you.  If you know how to shoot and want to improve your basic skills, then Elite Arms provides a number of training options.  They even have courses to help advanced shooters become competitive shooters, all in a state of the art facility.

But the technical skill level of the instructors, student-to-instructor ratio, and modern facilities don’t matter if knowledge and techniques aren’t imparted to students, providing them with the tools to improve.  This is where Elite Arms Training shines.  In the class I took, the skill level of the students ranged from some who were highly skilled and advanced to some who were intermediate to average.  That’s a real challenge for an instructor.  Nevertheless, everyone in the class improved.  Why was that?  Three main reasons:

  1. Jack and Judy take the time to work with all the students.  They want everyone to improve, so they don’t ignore the more advanced students to concentrate on students with the most glaring issues.
  2. They understand how adults learn, so they not only tell you what’s wrong, but why it’s wrong.  So if you’re having an issue, they will identify it, tell you why it’s an issue, tell you how to correct it and then watch as you implement the changes.  
  3. Finally, they love their sport and believe passionately in the Second Amendment.  They want to impart their knowledge so students will shoot safely, show improvement and embrace the right to bear arms.


I live in Baton Rouge and the thought of driving a little over 2-hours to take a shooting course was a bit daunting.  However, I did a lot of online research, but found nothing comparable in my area, so off I went.  It’s well worth the time and effort and I encourage prospective shooters to checkout Elite Arms Training.

My background:  20-years as a Navy EOD Technician with a subspecialty in Education and Training Management; left the Navy and worked in industry where I developed various training courses for Naval Sea Systems Command, Department of Energy, Naval EOD Technology Division, and Department of Homeland Security; left industry and became a Branch Chief for TSA’s Explosives Operations Division.  And now I’m retired!

Stephen G.

USN EOD (Retired)

Baton Rouge, LA



I want to take a moment to formally thank you for working with me and my family. The training day was certainly very enjoyable for us, but the work with my wife exceeded my high expectations. She fatigues easily due to health issues, and without the special attention to reduce the effects of the heat, she would not have been able to complete the live fire phase of the course. Thank you again for the special attention and helping her learn to “have my back.”

Ed R.

Wiggins, MS



I would like to take a moment to commend you on the Mississippi Endorsement Class. I was excited about gaining the endorsement for my firearms permit and viewed the training as a box that needed to be checked in order to obtain the endorsement. I realized after taking your class that I need more training than I thought and, along with my wife, will be back for a Practical Handgun 1 class soon. The passion both you and Judy have for firearms is noticeable in your facility which is, in my opinion, top notch. The experience you have as a police officer in uniform and on the competition range really compliments the text and I felt made your class so educational. I could not believe how fast the day went by and am eager to attend another class.  I would not hesitate to recommend your classes to anyone and will do so at every opportunity.  

Mike D.




I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Mississippi Endorsement Class on Saturday. I think that the class flowed as smooth as silk and was very efficient. I learned that with proper one-on-one instruction, you will be surprised at how well you shoot on the range. My confidence and skill level are now elevated thanks to Jack and Judy Ragsdale. I am very pleased with the fact that Jack and Judy do not brag about their skill level (as some others do) but instead, concentrate on improving your technique and elevating your skill level. I have attended the class with my brother and we have both decided we want to attend this class, or a similar one, at least once a year. Thanks Jack and Judy, I will send as many folks as I can your way.

Scott Maliden

Maritime Captain/Trainer

Columbus, MS



Let me say how impressed I am with the training that was provided. What a tremendous opportunity it was to learn from instructors with such vast knowledge and experience. It was especially rewarding to receive individual attention and instruction and see it make an immediate improvement in my technique. I look forward to returning for more training in the future.

Steve Howard

Chief Technology Officer

Pearl River Community College



I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the Mississippi Endorsement Class on Saturday. I think that the class flowed smoothly and efficiently, especially for the amount of information that was conveyed. I learned so much in the classroom and the range. My confidence level is much higher after the class. However, like you mentioned in the class, we all need to strive to learn more and improve our skills. You have inspired me to do so. The topic of concealed carry is a very serious one and I was very comforted to learn that my instructors took the topic seriously, as well. I am very pleased to know that my wife and son will attend the class in the future.

Robert Hatfield

Vocational School Owner

Laurel, MS



I want to thank Elite Arms Training for an excellent day of training. I have earned two graduate degrees (Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy), taught for over 30 years, and was responsible for supervision and evaluation of instructors for over 20 years. Jack and Judy Ragsdale are as good as I have seen. Their emphasis was never on what they knew, although it is apparent that they both have extensive knowledge, but on what we were learning.

John Grant

Retired College Educator

Poplarville, MS



Now that I have had a chance to catch my breath a little here, I just want to thank Elite Arms Training for such an outstanding training program that I experienced. I never imagined how little I knew about my firearm until I attended the class. I shared with an associate that it I had truly known that I was that "gun-dumb", I would have never carried concealed this past year as I have. Their professional training has greatly improved not only my ability to handle my firearm, but it has also boosted my personal confidence in my ability to do so. I pledge  that I will continue to practice and apply the techniques they have taught me, I am grateful for their commitment to the profession, and for being so willing to teach those of us who desire to learn more about our firearms.

Roger Knight

Vice President for Business & Administrative Services

Poplarville, MS



Their passion for teaching proper skills and firearm knowledge is clear in every aspect of the program. I really appreciated having instructors that cared so much about the student getting a valuable experience. I will definitely be back!

Rich Myer

Surgical Sales

Baton Rouge, LA



We enjoyed the Practical Handgun 1 Course. It was full of helpful information from personal protection tips to one-on-one instruction on the handgun techniques. We both felt that we made the correct decision to train with Elite Arms Training after the first hour we spent with you. The class was a good first step in achieving our goals as responsible handgun owners.

Thad & Pam Hymel

Kenner, LA




Thank you again for the basic handgun training. The classroom presentation of information was interesting and thorough, and the "skill building blocks" of the range exercises enabled me to chain my newly acquired skills in a way that made sense. Your program is well thought out, paced well, and geared for "safety first". And your patience on the range is incredible! Your corrections were always gentle and sometimes teasing, rather than like a drill sergeant, which I appreciated very much. Having the support of Judy, another woman -- particularly one who is as accomplished as she is -- means a lot to me. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, while gaining new respect for my weapon and what it can do. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Carol Clark


Placerville, CA



The Practical Handgun 1 class was all I expected it to be and more. I highly recommend the class to anyone who is serious about becoming more competent and confident with their choice of handgun for personal protection. Each day was filled with clear explanations, instructor demonstrations, as well as plenty of hands-on practical exercises for the class participants. The small class size and ample time for individual attention to address any of my personal training needs just added to what I found unique about the class. It is truly refreshing to see such a professional training school centrally located in South Mississippi. I plan to attend several other classes in the near future. Exceptional value for the money spent!

Jerry D. Holifield, Jr.

Professional Investigator

Hattiesburg, MS



The citizens of South Mississippi are extremely fortunate to have a first class facility available locally. Nationally ranked shooters, Jack and Judy Ragsdale, have put together a wide curriculum of training for every shooter. For those who compete, there is no better place to hone your skills. Experienced shooters will advance to the next level and have fun doing it. Money well spent!

Clifton S. Gaddis

Assistant District Attorney

Hattiesburg, MS



I had spent some time researching training options and availability of training programs before choosing Elite Arms Training. I cannot say enough good things about Jack and Judy Ragsdale and the fine program that they run. Jack's years of experience and expertise shine through in everything he teaches. He is truly passionate about helping people in learning the proper safety and use of firearms. Whether it be for personal safety or sport, he covers it all. This was one of the best investments of money and time that I have ever made. Thanks again Jack!

H. Robertson

Starkville, MS



Elite Arms Training has provided me with one of the most enjoyable and productive days that I have spent in the last 40 professional years of my life attending "continuing education classes". I was pumped before I arrived at Elite Arms Training, pumped when I left, and I am still pumping 48 hours later.

M. Fitzgerald


Metairie, LA



I am completely new to firearms and honestly was scared of guns until very recently. I actually felt uncomfortable holding a loaded weapon. Not anymore. I have immersed myself recently and feel that I am at least competent with a pistol, shotgun and rifle after taking the classes at Elite Arms Training. I am constantly reading about technique, watching videos and shows, and practicing the drills that Jack Ragsdale taught in the courses.

D. Bravo


New Orleans, LA



We discovered Elite Arms Training while searching through a massive database of firearm's training schools on the web. I only wish we had found it much sooner. The facility is first class. Jack Ragsdale and Judy Ragsdale are very knowledgeable, patient, and skilled at teaching. Jack will tailor a course to your needs and to any physical handicap you may have. Elite Arms Training is now the only firearm's training school we will use.

Edwin & Virginia Johnson


Foley, AL



I took a shotgun course and a rifle course with Elite Arms Training. The instructor, facility, and course content exceeded my imagination. All aspects of Elite Arms Training are very professional. They have it all prepared and preplanned. Jack Ragsdale's teaching style made me think, relax, and be confident in shooting. The atmosphere, level of instruction, and the manner it was presented was superior. Taking the classes was absolutely one of the best decisions I have made in training!

S. Ard

Safety Consultant

Bush, LA



I called Jack needing a specialized, private training program. He was able to accommodate me with a specifically designed training day, which clearly he had put a lot of planning into. Being a firearms instructor myself, I am usually able to separate the wheat from the chaff in regards to training, and I believe Jack is dedicated to the success of his students, and has an easy command of the material he presents. In addition, Jack and Judy are very hospitable, and they operate a very clean and versatile range facility. I recommend Elite Arms Training to anyone who has the opportunity to train with them.

Bo Alexander

Deputy Sheriff

Murfreesboro, TN



I competed in rifle competitions for a few years before I decided to compete with handguns. I was a lousy handgun shot before I met Jack, and in one class he totally changed my handgun skill level. I have since attended many more handgun classes, and even a shotgun class. An hour on the range with Jack will save you years of training and hundreds of dollars. Jack is a world class shooter, an experienced law enforcement officer, and a standup gentlemen with loads of integrity. Elite Arms Training is the best deal in firearms training today, anywhere in the world.

Rob Belote

Business Executive

McComb, MS



I just want to say how Elite Arms Training helped me. I feel more comfortable keeping a firearm. I am more confident about my ability to handle a firearm after going through their course. My accuracy has improved thanks to Jack’s tips on proper grip and stance. Since taking the competitive shooting class, I started shooting in the USPSA. I see guys that have been shooting for years that are making mistakes that are costing them time on their scores. I was ranked in the C Class after my first match! I give Elite Arms Training the credit, as without their training, I would never have done as well. I know anyone attending the school will see an improvement in their scores. Thanks.

Steve Craft


Hattiesburg, MS



Handgun Safety and Basic Shooting Fundamentals was one of the best investments I have made. I am a novice in terms of gun handling and safety, and this class gave me the confidence I needed should I actually have to use my gun for protection. Of course, I hope to never have to use it except for recreational shooting! Thanks for the support, and the personal attention. I look forward to taking more advanced courses and increasing my skill level.

D. Schlosser, CEO
Health Settings Network
New York



Jack and Judy Ragsdale - 1. Had an Idea. – 2. Planned ahead and thought it through.    - 3. Actually made it happen (even through a Hurricane). They have a great classroom building and a beautiful range.  Jack is a Planner and a Thinker who refuses to give up - that is the same way he teaches. He knows that all people have different levels of ability and he can focus and plan each session so the student gets what they come for. When I met Jack, I had pretty much quit shooting due to an eye injury. Jack put a spark in me and we had some great lessons together. As a good instructor should, Jack saw what my problem was. It wasn't my ability to shoot; it was that I didn’t think I was good enough to be competitive and enjoy the one sport I so much missed. Jack gave me that back and for that I am grateful. In the last three years I have competed in 2 National, 3 State, and a number of Regional and NRA matches.  Thanks to you both.

Reggie Vadasz

Building Contractor

Tampa, FL



Having been in the financial industry for over 25 years, I never dreamed that I would one day seek training to learn the proper way to handle a firearm for personal safety and use.  Jack’s emphasis on “safety first” and his professional instruction made all the difference, especially as he tailored the class to meet my needs while ensuring I understood the point of each lesson.   His class has given me the confidence I needed to be comfortable with a firearm.

R. Gunia

Business Analyst

Omaha, NE



After searching many months in Mississippi and the surrounding states for a qualified instructor, I found Elite Arms Training. They are the most dedicated professionals who are totally competent in all aspects of firearms for the novice to the seasoned competitor. I highly recommend them to everyone.

C. Johnson

Deputy Sheriff

Hattiesburg, MS



It is hard to believe that right here in South Mississippi, we have this top-notch training facility and experienced instructors. Jack and Judy have developed a beautiful range complete with indoor classrooms and facilities. Both Jack and Judy have competed on the international level in the shooting sports, but have not lost sight of the basics for successful shooting. Jack is a very patient, motivating instructor who readily recognizes the individual needs of each shooter he teaches. If you are looking for a place to learn great shooting techniques and have fun in the process, I highly recommend Elite Arms Training.

Ruthie Conn

Doctor of Physical Therapy

McComb, MS



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